5 Things You Aren’t Doing to Improve Your BJJ Game

5 easy hacks to work smarter, not harder Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a rapidly growing sport, and the evidence is everywhere: bigger tournaments, more sponsors, larger cash prizes, rapid evolutions of competition-tested technique, etc. You name it, BJJ is on the rise! One way in which BJJ is still lagging behind other major sports is the …

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Introduction to Autoregulatory Training

Man, what a mouthful! As in any field or industry, terminology is at once important and overblown in an attempt to sound fancy and confuse people. Autoregulation probably sounds more like something you’d expect to hear come out of your car mechanic’s mouth than your personal trainer or strength coach. Electrum Performance uses the following …

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How do I know if I’m hydrated??

Staying hydrated is crucial for both general health and sport performance. On the surface, it seems like staying hydrated should be pretty easy, right? When you get thirsty, drink more, and it’s all good. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Our thirst response is actually very complex, and is governed by numerous physiological, sociological, and psychological …

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