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Whether it’s to increase explosiveness for takedowns, improve isometric strength for guard retention, or increase your medal count, Electrum Performance has you covered! Our competition-tested strength training methods have shown results time and again with some of the world’s best athletes

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“During my journey to black belt I’ve tried different types of methods of physical training, but since I started to work with the Team Electrum, I’ve noticed massive changes, from my Jiu-Jitsu itself, lost fat and got more lean muscle, my form and postures got way better therefore lots of imbalances in my body tune up helping me to stay strong and preventing injuries during strong and long sessions of BJJ or competitions. Without a doubt working with them helped me get to another level.”

“Durante mi camino hasta la cinta negra he tratado diferentes métodos de preparación física, me sentí muy bien pero desde que empecé a trabajar con Team Electrum, empece a notar cambios masivos, desde mi Jiu-Jitsu mismo, my forma y posturas mejoraron muchísimo entonces algunos desequilibrios en mi cuerpo se empezaron a corregir, ayudándome a prevenir lesiones durante largas sesiones de entrenamiento o competencias. Sin dudas trabajar con ellos me ha ayudado a llegar a otro nivel.”

-Johnny Tama