Online Training Group – Posterior Chain Gang

Take your training to the next level and improve your physique in as little as 3 hours per week!

Posterior Chain Gang is an online strength training program catering to all levels of fitness. These workouts are highly efficient ways to improve your physique and strength levels, especially for the muscles of the posterior chain – hamstrings, calves, upper/lower back, and GLUTES!

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Our results speak for themselves!

“After years of misguided training and feeling lost in the world of fitness, working with EP has changed my life, my relationship with my body, and my LOVE of strength training for the better!”

Sarah B

“EP is incredibly supportive and the coaches are very giving of their time with form checks. What I love is how educational it is. I feel as if I am learning a ton from these guys”

Angie K.

“The trainers at Electrum are unlike any other. They are smart, professional, and really care about the research and tailoring the workout/training to your goals and meeting you where you are.”

Dr. Jess Greene

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