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Take the guesswork out of exercising and purchase a workout plan! Every plan purchase includes lifetime access and availability on the Web, iPhone and Android apps.

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The Basics (6 Weeks) – $24.99

Are you a beginner in the weight room and want to develop the basics? Look no further!

Bodyweight Training – $5.99

Stuck at home with absolutely no equipment? Make the best of what you’ve got with this simple (but difficult) bodyweight training plan. 4 weeks, and 4 training days per week.

Home Workouts Vol 1 – $5.99

Some random resistance bands and a set of light dumbbells or two lying around the house? There are WAY more options than you think!

Home Workouts Vol 2 – $11.99

Volume 2 comes with a host of progressions and unique exercises that you can perform just about anywhere. Buckle up, this program is a challenge!

Jiujiteiro Home Workout – $7.99

If you have a Gi, you can strength train!

While we’re stuck away from our Jiu-Jitsu academies, it can be hard to get an effective strength session in with little to no equipment. However, the Gi itself (and belt) can be used to effectively develop isometric strength – the foundation of mat strength. If a Gi is all you have then this program is for you!

Breaking Down the Pushup – $7.99

If you can do a few push ups but struggle with good form or high rep sets, then this program is for you! This 4 week plan will have you repping out picture perfect pushups, with exercises that you can perform almost anywhere.

Band, Bodyweight, and Abs – $7.99

Limited time and equipment? Always on the go? Struggling to fit exercise into your routine? All you need is a mini band and your bodyweight, so start sweating!

My First Pull-up (Level 1) – $19.99

If you can hang from a bar for ~10 seconds but struggle with a full pull-up, this plan is for you! A 6 week, progressive full-body plan with an emphasis on vertical pulling will give you a head start to that first pull-up!

“Big Three” DUP – $29.99

For powerlifters or barbell aficionados! This program includes 8 weeks of Daily Undulating Periodization for the “Big Three” – Barbell Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift

Team EP – $29.99/month

Want to train like the best but at a fraction of the cost? Electrum Performance has you covered! With our online platform and app, you can train with EP all over the world. Improve athleticism, decrease risk of injury, and spend more time on the podium by joining Team EP!

Strength Training for Runners 101 -$9.99

Strength training is vital for endurance athletes of all types, whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a hardcore marathon runner. This template is a no-nonsense foundation for improving strength, lower body stability, and tissue resilience, letting you spend more time on the road doing what you love and less time dealing with nagging injuries

Bodyweight Conditioning – $9.99

Bodyweight strength training that dives into some power-endurance and conditioning. This will allow for as smooth of a transition as possible from quarantine to our beloved mat time.

Home Workouts – Band Only $11.99

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile training options out there. Whether they’re thick or thin, handles or loops, if you’ve got bands then give this program a try!

Glutes at Home – $6.99

Think you can’t train glutes without fancy equipment? Guess again!

The glutes are one of the easiest muscles to train at home. All this program requires is your own bodyweight (and a band for extra credit if you have one). Buy this program and start thrusting!

Home Workouts – Kettlebell Only $9.99

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment. If you’re a kettlebell aficionado (or if you’re stuck at home and that’s all you have) then give this program a try!

Posterior Chain Gang Series

Posterior Chain Gang Vol 1 – $29.99

If you like hip thrusts, romanian deadlifts, pull-ups and rows this plan is for you! Volume 1 is a 6 week unilateral (single arm/leg) focus, so be ready to even out any asymmetries and train hard

Posterior Chain Gang Vol 2 – $29.99

This 6 week plan has an overwhelming focus on the glutes. Be prepared to hip thrust, lunge, and glute bridge your way through two progressive 3 week blocks


Add-Ons are supplemental templates that are designed to complement our Workout Plans, and can also be combined with our Team EP subscription service!

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Warm Up Series Vol 1 – Mobility – $2.99

Let’s face it, everybody wants to skip their warm up. But a good warm up will help decrease risk of injury and improve performance. Take out the guesswork and follow along with EP’s Warm Up Series!

Warm Up Series Vol 2 – Stability – $2.99

A good warm up increases core body temperature, increases heart rate, and primes the neuromuscular system for training stress. This helps reduce the risk of injury and improves performance!

Gorilla Grip Strength – $4.99

Every gym has that guy with a super glue grip, who’s more likely to tear your gi than give up that cross collar. Wanna be like him? Then this program is for you!

Big Arms for BJJ – $2.99

Who doesn’t love some sleeve-popping pythons? While direct biceps and triceps training gets a bad rep as “bodybuilding fluff”, BJJ athletes need direct arm training as much as any other sport, not only for strength but for overall elbow and shoulder health.

Core for BJJ – $4.99

This plan will allow you to add significant focus on the core to any of our primary training plans. You’ll perform motions that actively move the spine, brace the spine against movement, and integrate the core with movement of other parts of the body.

Big Arms for BJJ Vol. 2 – $4.99

You asked, we delivered. Volume 2 comes with spicy progressions and a sweet pump to improve your squeeze for chokes, body locks, and more

Conditioning for BJJ – $6.99

Part-time practitioner looking to improve your gas tank? Full-time athlete who’s currently injured or needs to cut weight? Then this add-on is for you!

Conditioning for BJJ addresses the variables that are most important for success on the mats, helping you to work hard, recover fast, and train smart

BJJ Solo Drills w/Stability Ball – $4.99

Stuck at home without a training partner? Keep Jiu-Jitsu specific movements sharp, and even work some conditioning with our new add-on program. All you need is a stability (yoga) ball and some space!