Workout Plans

Take the guesswork out of exercising and purchase a workout plan! Every plan purchase includes lifetime access and availability on the Web, iPhone and Android apps.

The Basics (6 Weeks) – $24.99

Are you a beginner in the weight room and want to develop the basics? Look no further!

Posterior Chain Gang Vol 1 – $39.99

If you like hip thrusts, romanian deadlifts, pull-ups and rows this plan is for you! Volume 1 is a 6 week unilateral (single arm/leg) focus, so be ready to even out any asymmetries and train hard

Band, Bodyweight, and Abs – $7.99

Limited time and equipment? Always on the go? Struggling to fit exercise into your routine? All you need is a mini band and your bodyweight, so start sweating!

Gorilla Grip Strength (Add-On) – $4.99

Every gym has that guy with a super glue grip, who’s more likely to tear your gi than give up that cross collar. Wanna be like him? Then this program is for you!

Warm Up Series Vol 1 – Mobility (Add-On) – $2.99

Let’s face it, everybody wants to skip their warm up. But a good warm up will help decrease risk of injury and improve performance. Take out the guesswork and follow along with EP’s Warm Up Series!