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  • The next best thing to time on the mat
  • Turn TV binges into an investment in your body
  • Decrease risk of injury right from your couch

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Our mobile training app provides structured training no matter where you are, helping you stay disciplined and accountable for long term progress. Track your performance, view supplemental education articles, communicate directly with EP coaches, and start getting strong today!

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Top 6 Exercises that Andre Galvao and Electrum Performance use to improve BJJ performance

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Here’s what our Team EP members have to say

"Pursuing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a professional stage has taught me two things: the immense propensity for injury, and the massive importance of conditioning our bodies. My particular style of gripping (spider guard) has always ALWAYS left my hands and grips WRECKED by the end of the week. Thankfully, the coaches at EP are not only beyond knowledgeable in targeting my grip strength and improving the health of my hands, but they also understand the demand of my specific sport on a level I struggle to find in other coaches."

- Dom Bell

"Since I began working with the coaches of Electrum Performance I have noticed unbelievable changes in my strength, physique & over all health. They corrected so many muscle imbalances from Jiu-Jitsu that I wasn't even aware of. My body is stronger, more mobile & healthier than ever and it's easy to pin point that the coaches behind Electrum Performance are the reason for it!"

- Trab

"After years of misguided training and feeling lost in the world of fitness, working with EP has changed my life, my relationship with my body, and my LOVE of strength training for the better!"

- Sarah B

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EP at Home FAQs

Yes! We provide a variety of workout plans to choose from that are specific to available equipment - bodyweight only, band only, kettlebell only, and more!